US recovers lost fighter jet

A US F-18 fighter jet lost at sea last month has been successfully recovered, after the jet sunk to a depth of nearly 10,000 feet

US recovers lost fighter jet
9 Aug, 2022 02:37 HomeWorld News

US recovers lost fighter jet

A US F-18 that ‘blew overboard’ into the ocean last month was brought up from a depth of nearly 10,000 feet

The US Navy has successfully recovered an F-18 Super Hornet lost at sea due to “heavy weather,” after the fighter jet was blown off the deck of an aircraft carrier and sank thousands of feet in the Mediterranean. 

said the F/A-18E Super Hornet was found and brought back up to the surface on Monday, “recovered from a depth of approximately 9,500 feet” by a Navy salvage diving team.

“The search and recovery took less than 24 hours, a true testament to the team's dedication and capability,” said Lt. Cmdr. Miguel Lewis, a salvage officer on the mission, adding that the recovery was done “safely and efficiently.” 

“nearby military installation” and would soon be transported back to the United States.

reported that a Super Hornet carried aboard the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier “blew overboard” due to “unexpected heavy weather” during a replenishment mission in the Mediterranean on July 8. It offered few other details about the incident at the time, though noted one sailor had received “minor injuries” and that the remainder of the Truman’s aircraft remained “full mission capable.”