Ukraine claims Hungary wants its territory

Kiev’s top security official is accusing Hungary of having advance warning of the Russian attack and wanting a part of Ukrainian territory Read Full Article at

Ukraine claims Hungary wants its territory
2 May, 2022 21:23 HomeRussia & FSU

Ukraine claims Hungary wants its territory

A top Kiev official claims Hungary was informed of the Russian attack in advance and wants to take Ukrainian territory

Budapest was informed of the Russian attack in advance and hoped to seize a part of Ukraine’s territory for itself, a top official of the government in Kiev claimed on Monday, adding there will be “consequences” for Hungary. This statement comes after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was added to the database listing enemies of the Ukrainian state.

“openly talks about its cooperation with Russia. More than that, it was given early warning by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin that our country would be attacked,” Alexey Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), said during a media appearance on Monday. He was answering if Hungary could block Ukraine’s admission to NATO.

“thought it could take part of the territory,” Danilov added. “This will never happen. Victory will definitely be ours. And about Hungary, which behaved this way, we will see what the consequences will be for this country.”

“an accomplice of Russian war criminals” and an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist.”

Though Hungary is a member of both the EU and NATO, Orban has refused to send weapons to Ukraine or allow the transit of such shipments through his country’s territory. Budapest has also opposed an oil and gas embargo against Moscow.

“moved away” from its veto on the matter, and that EU oil sanctions against Russia were forthcoming. Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs denied the reporting, however, saying that Budapest’s stance on oil and gas sanctions “remains unchanged: We do not support them.”