Trump denounces US ‘gender insanity’

Former US president Donald Trump promised to end the “gender insanity” of the Democrats if he is elected in 2024

Trump denounces US ‘gender insanity’

Trump denounces US ‘gender insanity’

The former president slammed the “indoctrination” of children during his 2024 campaign announcement

The current US government is pushing “radical civic and gender insanity” in schools, former president Donald Trump said during the speech announcing his 2024 campaign. He added that this will stop once Trump returns to the White House.

“Joe Biden has also proven that he is committed to indoctrinating our children even using the Department of Justice against parents who object,” he said on Tuesday evening in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. 

last year to create a pretext for treating concerned parents as potential domestic terrorists.

“It’s a terrible thing. That’s why it’s so sad what’s happening,” Trump said. “When I’m in the White House, schools will cease pushing Critical Race Theory” and will have to stop “radical civic and gender insanity” or face losing federal funding. 

The current US government has threatened to withhold federal money for school lunches to institutions that did not comply with its national strategy for “gender equity.” Biden himself argued in April that parents “affirming” a child’s claim to be transgender is “one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy.”

“great and glorious again” will involve not letting biological men participate in women’s sports, Trump argued on Tuesday, calling it “very unfair to women, just very, very unfair.”

“defend the rights of parents” and “defend the family as the center of American life,” just as he did when he was president in 2017-2021.

“Who would think that we even have to mention this? Who would even think it has to be a subject to be talked about. We have to defend parental rights. Can you believe this?” he asked the audience. 

declared that his every policy would prioritize racial and gender “equity.” Trump has argued that in the two years of running the US, the Democrat has “embarrassed, humiliated and weakened” the country, turning it into a “failing nation.”