TikTok messaging backfires on political group

A company pushing Democrat messages on TikTok found itself in hot water after asking for media attention – and then getting it Read Full Article at RT.com

TikTok messaging backfires on political group

TikTok messaging backfires on political group

Democrat-linked outfit scrubs website after getting media attention it asked for

A US public relations firm that wanted favorable press coverage of its effort to promote Democrat policies on TikTok scrubbed its website after Vice magazine pointed out on Tuesday that this probably violated the platform’s rules.

“make your campaigns heard through real voices.” Previously, the company used to boast of partnerships with a variety of groups pushing Democrat political messaging, such as MoveOn and Planned Parenthood, according to Vice’s Motherboard. 

“A PR Firm Is Paying TikTok Influencers to Promote Liberal Causes and Hype Democrats’ Middling Accomplishments,” Motherboard’s headline declared.

praising the Democrats’ proposed expansion of child tax credit, a Tesla owner dreaming of more charging stations due to the infrastructure bill, a woman jumping off her couch after Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated to the US Supreme Court, and even a Taylor Swift fan criticizing the Republican candidate for Virginia governor all turned out to be masterminded by Vocal, according to Motherboard. None of the videos were clearly labeled as sponsored content.

“several” posts backed by Vocal were removed, the outlet said. 

“Political discourse is allowed as long as it complies with our community guidelines and is organic content, meaning there is no sponsorship or paid promotion behind it,” a spokesperson for TikTok said in a statement.

Motherboard pointed out that Democrat organizations are “employing strategies, like covert paid ad campaigns, that would presumably be found distasteful or immoral – or described as disinformation – if utilized by someone from across the aisle.”

“influencers creating authentic content about issues that are important to the creators themselves, and helps connect these creators with organizations and nonprofits who are working directly on these issues.”

“actually recruits, trains, and pays social media influencers to make videos on important policy topics like abortion, gun violence, etc.”

boast of their “deep understanding of opposition research.” Karp’s own public biography says he worked for several Democratic campaigns, as well as American Bridge 21st Century – the SuperPAC led by the notorious Democrat operative David Brock.

conflict in Ukraine, specifically blaming US inflation and rising gas prices on Russia.