Russian lawmaker reveals mobilization plans

Adopting legal provisions concerning mobilization doesn’t mean declaring one, the Russian parliament’s top defense official has clarified

Russian lawmaker reveals mobilization plans

Russian lawmaker reveals mobilization plans

Duma Defense Committee chair Kartapolov says new amendments don’t mean a draft

Amending the criminal code with provisions for mobilization, martial law and wartime doesn’t necessarily mean Moscow is about to declare a draft – or war, Russian lawmaker Andrey Kartapolov clarified on Tuesday. 

approved on Tuesday. Among other things, they establish criminal penalties for crimes committed during “wartime,” “martial law,” or a “mobilization period.”

“absolutely unjustified,” Kartapolov told the Parliamentary Gazette. “There will be no general mobilization. The president has spoken about this more than once and is directly speaking through his press secretary Dmitry Peskov and many other politicians at the federal level.”

“not specifically linked to the special military operation” in Ukraine, but were designed to function “for a long time, at least until they are no longer needed.”

The adopted amendments include harsher punishments for looting or going AWOL during wartime, or committing any crime during a period of military mobilization. They also criminalize the sabotage of defense contracts.

“significantly change the situation in a number of ways,” he said.