Rishi Sunak visits Kiev, pledges more air defense for Ukraine

London has pledged a new military aid package for Ukraine, promising to deliver 125 anti-aircraft guns

Rishi Sunak visits Kiev, pledges more air defense for Ukraine

Rishi Sunak visits Kiev, pledges more air defense for Ukraine

The new British Prime Minister has promised 125 anti-aircraft guns to President Vladimir Zelensky

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has pledged a new £50 million ($60 million) aid package to Ukraine, which includes modern air-defense technology. He promised to provide extra military assistance for Kiev during his unannounced trip to the country’s capital on Saturday.

The package includes 125 anti-aircraft guns of unspecified type, as well as radars and some other military equipment.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who met Sunak in Kiev, called the UK the country’s “strongest ally.”

“Both of our nations know what it means to stand up for freedom,” Zelensky said on Twitter after meeting Sunak.

A week ago, in a statement for The Telegraph, the British PM praised Ukraine and its president, and outlined a five-part action plan intended to offer more support to Kiev.

London has been among Ukraine’s top Western backers, pouring assorted arms into the country shortly before and continuously into the ongoing Russian military operation that was launched in late February.

Another top Kiev’s supporter, Washington, has been providing Ukraine with heavy armaments, such as anti-tank weapons, missile defense systems, and drones since the conflict began. On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden asked Congress to approve an additional $37.7 billion in security assistance to Kiev, which would bring the total funds appropriated to Ukraine in less than a year to $104 billion, according to Defense News.

Moscow has repeatedly warned the collective West against “pumping” Ukraine with weaponry, warning that such support would only prolong the hostilities rather than change their ultimate outcome.