NATO consultations possible after Poland ‘missile strike’

After a “missile strike” on the Polish-Ukrainian border, Warsaw has put its troops on alert and may “consult” with NATO allies

NATO consultations possible after Poland ‘missile strike’

NATO consultations possible after Poland ‘missile strike’

Warsaw is putting troops on alert and may decide to invoke NATO Article 4

Poland has put its military on alert and is discussing whether to invoke NATO’s Article 4, officials in Warsaw said on Tuesday evening. The government is still investigating the cause of explosions in a village near the border with Ukraine, which Kiev blamed on Russia.

“not to publish unconfirmed information” and said he would not answer any more questions about the incident until further notice.

“consulting” about the incident in Poland, and that all the facts needed to be established.

“Russian,” quoting an unnamed US intelligence official, the Pentagon said it had no information to corroborate that claim. Warsaw has also refrained from blaming Moscow.

That has not stopped Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky from doing so, however. He claimed the Przewodow incident was a Russian missile strike against NATO territory and an attack on “collective security,” urging the bloc to act against the “terrorist” state. 

“nothing to do with Russian weapons.” No missile strikes were carried out against targets near the Polish-Ukrainian border, and any reports saying otherwise were “a deliberate provocation in order to escalate the situation,” Moscow added.