Iran booted from UN commission after US push

Iran has been expelled from a United Nations group devoted to women’s rights following a US-backed resolution

Iran booted from UN commission after US push
15 Dec, 2022 03:15 HomeWorld News

Iran booted from UN commission after US push

Both Tehran and Moscow questioned the legality of the US-backed resolution

Iran has been removed from a UN group dedicated to women’s rights following a vote spearheaded by the United States, which accused the government of abuses against demonstrators protesting the death of a young woman in police custody earlier this year. Tehran slammed the resolution as illegal, arguing there is “no precedent” for such a move.

passed a measure in a 29-8 vote on Wednesday to expel Iran from the Commission on the Status of Women, with 16 countries abstaining. The decision took effect immediately, and the Islamic Republic will not be permitted to rejoin the organization until the end of the 2022-2026 UN term.

declaring that the resolution “sends an unmistakable message of support” to women and girls in Iran, while the White House said the decision would help to “hold Iran accountable” for alleged crackdowns on protesters in recent months. 

Iran’s UN Ambassador Amir Saeid Iravani, however, insisted the measure was “entirely illegal,” noting that no other nation has ever been stripped of membership on the commission.

“Council members are fully aware that there is no precedent in the Council's practice of terminating an elected member's participation in a functional Commission for any alleged reason, nor is it supported by the Council's rule of procedures,” Iravani said.