Britons flee to seek ‘cheaper’ life abroad – reports

As taxes and the cost of living rise in the UK, more Britons are looking to start a new life overseas, lawyers and financial specialist warn Read Full Article at

Britons flee to seek ‘cheaper’ life abroad – reports
6 May, 2022 22:11 HomeWorld News

Britons flee to seek ‘cheaper’ life abroad – reports

Interest in emigration is up by 1,000% as UK taxes and prices rise, lawyers and financial advisers told the media

A dramatic rise in the cost of living has prompted many Britons to consider leaving the UK, according to professionals catering to aspiring expats. Google searches for moving abroad were up by 1,000% in April, with the US, Canada, and Australia the top three desired destinations.

Telegraph first reported the alarming trend Friday, attributing the desire to emigrate to “the cost of living squeeze, as soaring energy prices and rising inflation ravage household budgets.”

warned it could reach 10% this year. There has also been a spike in the cost of energy and household goods.

“People are paying much more for everything and it’s a culmination of bad news. It makes people get into the mindset of needing a new start and they know they will have a much cheaper life abroad,” said Jason Porter of Blevins Franks, a firm that provides financial advice to British expatriates across Europe.

“The British public has been faced with a gradual rise in the cost of living since the pandemic, which has been amplified enormously in the last couple of months,” Amar Ali of Reiss Edwards told the Daily Mail, when the outlet inquired about the report.