Crisis Behind the Top-Selling Real Estate Company | Country Garden | China's Richest Woman

Crisis Behind the Top-Selling Real Estate Company | Country Garden | China's Richest Woman

Crisis Behind the Top-Selling Real Estate Company | Country Garden | China's Richest Woman

The secret behind the No.1 Chinese company in real estate sales Crisis Behind the Top-Selling Real Estate Company Country Garden is a Fortune 500 property development company based in Guangdong, China. According to the latest "Top 200 Chinese Real Estate Companies’ Sales Results from January to September 2021" released by China Index Academy, Country Garden's sales exceeded 93 million USD, ranking first in the sales of real estate enterprises in the same period, continuing their consecutive years of leading sales performance. As a Top 3 private real estate enterprise, what secrets are hidden behind the impressive sales performance? We are going to talk about this topic today.

Recently, news of a Country Garden internal high-level meeting has been circulating, and five main points were discussed: 1. Country Garden vowed to keep the annual sales target of 800 billion RMB, and a monthly target of 80 billion per month will launch in October. If the year-end target is not completed, Dr. Cheng Guangyu, who is in charge of marketing work, will resign.

2. There will be one and only one target after October, which is the sales target. 3. 4. 5.

This pledge of responsibility can be said to be the toughest sales target in the history of Country Garden. Behind this strict sales system is a more ruthless hiring system, which has also given rise to the high turnover rate. The social networking sites in China are constantly full of people complaining about the company’s work environment and hours.

This management structure makes its corporate culture emphasize team culture. Under this culture, the concept of "overtime" and "work" is indistinguishable at all company levels. The work pattern is basically 007, in other words, from 0:00 to 0:00, 7 days a week, people are constantly ready to work.

And in the eyes of some leaders, it is a sin to leave work on time or rest normally if the work is not done properly, which in a sense is a kind of moral kidnapping.

Country Garden has a unique business model. This business model is accompanied by a high turnover of capital. While acquiring land, the building design is basically completed, construction can start within 3 months, and the property is opened for sale in 4 months, with the fastest one being a record of 35 days; In 5 months, cash flow is positive, and in 6 months this money can be reinvested in new projects.

Country Garden's positioning is very similar to Evergrande's in that both are working in small and medium-sized cities in the third and fourth tier. With the fall of Evergrande, there will certainly be a major impact on the real estate market. Behind Country Garden's high-turnaround rate, there are also numerous construction safety and quality problems. In order to speed up the progress, various building collapses have occurred repeatedly. Public reports show that in just four months of 2018, four safety accidents occurred in a row in Country Garden built properties.

  On April 7, 2018, a collapse occurred at a construction site in Chongzuo, Guangxi province, in the second phase of the project, resulting in 1 death and 1 injury. On June 24, a fatal mold frame collapse occurred in a project in Shanghai during the concrete pouring of the 6th floor ceiling, resulting in 1 death, 2 serious injuries and 7 minor injuries. On July 26, a fence wall and a movable slab collapsed in a project in Liu'an, Anhui Province, due to heavy rainfall and strong wind, resulting in 6 deaths, 1 critical injury and 2 serious injuries.

On August 1, the roof of an under-construction building under the management of Country Garden in Qidong, Jiangsu Province caught fire. At the same time, in order to obtain greater profits, Country Garden constantly compresses the cost of building houses and reduces the quality of materials. When it comes to Country Garden, people in Malaysia may be more familiar with it. This brings us to Country Garden's other famous financial trap, the Malaysian reclamation project - Forest City. This project also opened up a black hole for Country Garden's funding in Malaysia for many years.